Blending: The future of fuels

Renewable and waste derived fuels come from multiple sources drawn from a variety of locations. This means small scale decentralised processing is needed to upgrade and combine the different feedstocks.

This contrasts with fossil fuels that are usually recovered in bulk at a particular location and shipped to a large scale refinery.

We in Blended Fuel Solutions NZ Ltd (and in our 100% owned subsidiary Nufuels Ltd) are preparing for a renewable future by developing services to help you manage this change - helping introduce small scale distributed processing where it is competitive with mainstream fossil fuels today.

Biodiesel blender and dispenser
APT Biodiesel decentralised blender and dispenser

This means making fuels fit-for-purpose, and this usually involves blending with other fuels including fossil fuels if this is required.

Emulsions are one way to combine fuels to either improve their performance, or to simplify reactions to help clean them up. Through BFSNZ we represent Alternative Environmental Technologies (APT) who have developed a number of products based on emulsifying fuels.

With APT we can help if you are looking to improve the properties of biocrudes or biofuels e.g.  reduce NOx or handle water in them; or improve the combustion of fuel oils; or if you need a low cost way to extract sulphur from a fuel. Contact Leigh Ramsey MD.

We have also been developing decentralised waste-to-fuel processes based on pyrolysis, working through Nufuels.  In the Pacific Islands we have developed small scale appropriate technology to make use of plastic waste.

Again a significant part of the effort has been to make the fuels produced fit-for-purpose largely to service local heat loads.

If you are looking for alternative fuel solutions contact Leigh Ramsey MD.