Nufuels Consulting

Through Nufuels we offer a range of consultancy services based around decentralised processing of wastes and fuels.  In some cases we represent solutions providers.

Areas include:

  • Evaluating and assessing decentralised waste processing, particularly thermochemcial processing (pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquifaction (HTL));
  • Advice on technical development of processing plant and balance of plant;
    • In addition to the system we deploy in the Pacific Islands, we have access to Biofabrik's WasteX plastics-to-chemicals pyrolysis technology through the Australasian distributor Plastoil, and decentralised medical waste technology from ParagonWS.
    • We are also investigating smaller scale HTL for waste wet biosolids (food waste, sewage sludge, forestry slash/residues).
  • Impact analysis for processing plants and their operations. Emissions, land use, hazardous operations.
  • Working with Nufuels' parent Blended Fuel Solutions NZ Ltd to make locally produced fuels fit-for-purpose and identifying best uses.  In this BFSNZ represnts Alternative Environmental Technologies (AET) who have developed a number of products based on emulsifying fuels.

If you have a problem in any related areas please contact Leigh Ramsey MD or advisor Simon Arnold