Grant to Nufuels for integrated waste to energy study approved

Kāpiti Coast District Council has given a small grant from its Waste Levy Fund to test the potential for an integrated waste to energy initiative at its Otaki Transfer Station. The study will test the potential to process plastics (via pyrolysis), food waste and possibly other biomass (via gasification) and biosolids (drying and pyrolysis), and capture and convert the energy created to electricity and either to use that within the Transfer Station or exporting it to the grid.  The focus of the technical and economic analysis will be on the potential synergies from integrating different known technologies (e.g. using waste heat to pre-dry biosolids).

The team will be led by Nufuels Ltd, with Astara Technologies Ltd, BANZ and Energise Otaki contributing.  Nufuels' parent, Blended Fuel Solutions NZ Ltd, is a member of BANZ.